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We are well-known Educational Centre in Zachodniopomorskie province (Western Pomerania), Poland. Teaching staff are the representatives of leading schools and universities. There are also representatives of administration and government offices including specialists in different areas. We cooperate with a number of universities, government institutions and local government institutions. The University of Bydgoszcz and College of Personnel Management in Warsaw exercise academic supervision over our institution.

European Educational Centre in Koszalin conducts and supports educational and scientific activities. It enables to obtain secondary, higher secondary as well as undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Postgraduate studies operate on the two- and three-semester systems. There is a number of courses available such as: Pedagogy, Economy, Administration and Psychology. Courses which enjoy popularity include Professional Consultancy, Pedagogy, as well as Law and Administration. A wider range of faculties is on offer apart from traditional ones. Among other faculties there are Family Education with elements of Health Education, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Biology with Environmental Protection, Physiotherapy-Compensatory Gymnastics with Massage and Physical Therapy.

It is also possible to obtain secondary education, there are: Technical Schools and Comprehensive School for adults and youngsters. We also organize qualifying, vocational training courses and seminars as well as conferences. We systematically modernize teaching materials and facilities. What is more, lecture theatre, multimedia room, a range of language learning facilities, three computer rooms, a beautician`s, a massage therapist office, a hairdressing room are available. They are all modernly equipped.